We brew 6 craft beers:
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Out of passion for brewing and love for beer we brew our natural and award-winning craft beer. But good things take time! And since good beer comes with patience, we store our beer styles in brewing cellars for at least 6-8 weeks. Of course, the necessary technology, brewing experience and the highest quality of raw materials are the cornerstones of the art of brewing.

For this reason, we use only the best ingredients for our craft beers: We source our hops from Nobelhopfen in the land of beer, Germany. For our exotic styles, we use adapted, New World hops from America. The internationally renowned Weyermann Malzfabrik supplies us with the finest malt. Did you know that beer is 90% water? Ours therefore consists of the best Viennese water. Drinking water in Vienna is of the highest quality. Vienna’s water originates in the Alps and is transported to households via high-spring pipelines.